insulation being installed

Proper insulation can cut your winter home heating costs

I’m frequently asked about the various insulation options available for homeowners. Naturally, everyone wants to save on energy costs, and well-placed insulation can help you cut your winter home heating bills. Here are four of the most common types of insulation you might use in your home.

Blanket Insulation

You’ve all seen this type of insulation that comes in rolls. It’s usually made of mineral fibers such as rock wool and fiberglass. This type of insulation is very affordable, but you have to be careful when installing it. If you leave gaps, you’ll negate the value of the insulation, so getting it installed properly is important.

Loose-fill Insulation

This usually consists of rock wool, fiberglass and cellulose fiber made from old newspapers. You can get a fire-resistant version for added safety. The material is blown into walls to fill up the interior space. This type of insulation can be doubly effective, because it provides thermal insulation and a level of sound insulation, too. However, this is also the most expensive type of insulation, so that’s a consideration.

Rigid Board Insulation

This can be made out of several different materials and comes in different thicknesses. It’s great for use in ceilings and walls, especially in a basement. This type of insulation is also a great sound barrier, so it’s often used in commercial buildings, churches or other places where sound is a problem.

Spray Foam Insulation

This type of insulation uses a foaming agent that expands and dries into a solid plastic. It’s generally considered to be better than blanket insulation because it forms an air-tight barrier. You have to be careful installing this type of insulation, however, because if it’s not applied evenly, you get uneven results and a loss of effectiveness.

Whenever you’re installing insulation, remember to check your building codes first to make sure you’re complying with all local ordinances.

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